1.What is Jute ?

Jute, an edible leafy vegetable. Jute fiber comes from the Jute Plants Fiber- cellulose. After harvest, fiber is separated through a retting process, than it moves towards jute mills for making jute yarns. From Jute Yarns, different jute fabrics are made.

2.Why Jute is eco-friendly?

In Production, jute can grow naturally, without much water, fertilizer or pesticides required. Jute Crop releases 11 Tons Oxygen and Consumes 15 Tons of CO2 in a hectare. When jute fabric is placed in intimate contact with moist earth or soil, it degrades quite rapidly and degrades completely within 2-3 months.

3.What types of company Jutebar Denmark ApS?

It’s a Danish company as it has a CVR no 41951796. Jutebar is trading in Nordic and import environment friendly products from Bangladesh those are mostly jute based. Jutebar Denmark ApS has both export and import license in Denmark.

4.Where Jutebar Denmark ApS product produce?

90% production of Jutebar Denmark ApS happening in Bangladesh. As Bangladesh is the land of Jute. There are 6 million people in Bangladesh who involved in jute based business.

5.How long it takes to deliver the product ?

It takes 1-12 weeks according to the quantity of product order.

6.Is Jutebar Denmark return policy fair and transparent?

Of course. We maintain all the Danish consumer law and procedure.

7.Is it possible to make partnership with Jutebar Denmark ApS?

Yes. We are always welcome to our new distributor or retail partner in Nordic.

8.Does Jutebar Denmark Help to import and Business support to Nordic small and medium enterprise?

Yes. We are always ready to help small and medium enterprise in Nordic by importing and other business support.