Jutebar is Denmark based company that has different suppliers and stakeholders in Bangladesh. The main supplier of jutebar is juteplus Bangladesh limited. Jutebar has many ambitions, a few of which are- buying jute from farmers who are cultivating organically, skilled artisans, zero child labor, 50% women workers, fringe benefits for farmers and artisans, welfare strategies for workers. 

Skilled artisans are the resources of Juteplus in Bangladesh. They have many years of experience and their design skills are admirable. Juteplus honorarium according to their skills and experiences. 

No child labour is our motto. Most of the artisans in our Juteplus factory are more than 30 years old. Artisans of jute must have to have a minimum of 10-15 years of experience to make jute based items. So child labor is unimaginable and impossible in juteplus,Jutebar is very strict about this rule. 

Jutebar`s focus on Women empowerment is also remarkable. However, 50% of the artisans are women. Jutebar is always paying attention to their children so these small angels get proper childcare while their mother is working in the factory or field. 

Bonus is also a part of Jutebar’s strategies. Artisans get a percentage of the benefits. During different Festivals in Bangladesh, they receive festival bonuses from Jutebar according to their salary scale. 

Farmers’ and artisans’ welfare is also the target of Jutebar. We are also beside artisans and farmers if they need any medical help.