About us

JUTE BAR is an environmentally responsible business that designs, develop eco-friendly packaging solution of personal, businesses and households. We use jute fibre, which is renowned as the golden fibre that is bio-degradable and has the highest tenacity in the production of Jute.



Jute Bar is working to reduce the negative impact of non-degradable materials used in products and packaging. We aim to provide affordable and practical simple solutions to the ever arching problem, the world is facing now. Through our efforts, skills, and dedication, we want to reduce the level of non-degradable toxic materials at household, industry, business, and personal levels.


Ethical Production

While eco-friendly bag making is our core, we also adhere to a fair trade policy and expect all our supply chain actors to produce jute crop, fibre making millers, traders, and jute fabrics manufacturers to share similar beliefs and attitudes. We are responsible to factory workers for the conditions under which products and services are made. Women are especially encouraged to work with us while we maintain a gender policy that creates a suitable and healthy working environment for women. We never also employ any worker below age 18 years old.


Quality Control

Desired quality is a process work and needs dedication and additional skills than most have. We have trained artisans who have worked for many years in the industry and have the required skills to produce beautifully designed and crafted bags for household, personal or business usage.

Specifications are strictly maintained while in production, and we do not leave any effort to try to achieve the specifications agreed upon by our valued client.

We are also very much sensitive to the timeline, while it in many cases depends on the external shipping agencies after post-production, we are working with reputed shipping and transportation companies having good work ethics and examples.

Sustainable Development Goal:

Jutebar Denmark ApS accord with 3 sustainable development goals among the 17 goals. There are about 6 million people involved in Producing and making jute made products in Bangladesh. Jutebar Denmark ApS committed to rescuing them from the core poverty level by selling and promoting their products in the Nordic area including Denmark. On the other hand, the Denmark government also can save 1.5 billion DKK per year if they promote the use alternative of plastic products like Jutebar Denmark ApS making.